To Drink From My Well

Adapted from the Back Cover:To Drink From My Well the book

On his eightieth birthday, Prieur, an old man from the bustling city of Johannesburg, received a rare gift from his children; a water well in Cambodia donated to a poor village in his name.

To drink from his well became a nagging obsession; he had to drink from it. His wife pointed out to him where in the East Cambodia is – and he went.

This true story relates how Prieur (who have never traveled internationally)traveled to Cambodia and what he experienced in that amazing country with its smiling people, nature spirits, medieval temples, strange foods, villages built on water, unbelievable heat and monsoon rains.

To drink from his well, is the reason why Prieur travelled to Cambodia. What he did not expect was the strange adventures that awaited him, nor how it would forever change his life, his worldview, and his soul.In the ruins of a mystical temple, the old man made a discovery that is likely to have a huge impact on Western spirituality

He drank from his well, as he had set out to do, but a thirst that he was not aware of, was also quenched.

It is okay if you find Prieur’s suffering and embarrasing discomforts humorous; looking back now, so does he.